Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Andy called me this morning! =) I got the letter that he sent me today aww it was so cute and he sent me a bracelet makes me feel all good n special... it isn't real but its still cute n at least he was thinking about me enough to get me something. I miss him so much right now and I wanna talk to him so bad.. he called me at 11 but he had to get off the phone =( so sad... and now I gotta wait until like 5 or 6 to talk to him cause he has tests all day gosh I don't know what I'm gonna do! Okay, well I'm off here! I love Andy =) and he is mine.. not boyfriend wise mine but he's still mine!

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i'm tired rite now n syd aint on :( nd i really wanna talk to her to tell her even tho we talk its not going to be much but yeah im sorri that wat i got u wasnt real..although i wish it wuld have been....i hope ur ring gets to u soon...cuz yeah i hope it didnt get lost...or ill be really >.< i love you babe talk to u at 9 30am


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