Friday, March 10, 2006

How come it's so easy to fall in love with someone, but it's so hard to have the other person love you back? I don't get it. I mean he says we're friends but so much more, he tells me how wonderful and amazing I am, but yet he'd rather date a girl that lives so far away. When I just live 15 minutes from him. I told him how I truly felt and he just acted like he didn't care. I told him I was depressed and yet again... he acted like he didn't care. I'm done telling him how I feel about him, he just doesn't get it, sometimes I wonder if he truly is dumb and just don't see how I feel about him, or if he just choose not to see it. He's broke my heart too many times and this time my heart isn't going to heal... He was the first guy I ever truly loved and now everything just gone. He was my everything, he had my heart and the key to it.... now I feel like I don't even have a heart.. all that's there is emptiness and loneliness....I'm lost like a little puppy and I'm just waiting to be found, I was left stranded with no one to turn too. My hearts been broken too many times by him......

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I'm sorry for everything i've done to you. Maybe i am just stupid, your probably right. I mean i don't see most things. When i do it's usually to late. Things happen i know but i mean i do dumb shit all the time. And really i shouldn't especially not to you because your always there for me. I'm really sorry for everything. This time sorry isn't good enough. I'm hoping maybe you'll understand what i mean but i doubt that you will cause even i don't know what i'm talking about. And again i am truely sorry!


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i hate my new haircut >.< i look like crap....not like i didnt before but yeah


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