Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Okay so I started my diet today and so far its gone good, hopefully I can stick to it which I think I'll beable to because I really want to lose weight! Ugh, I miss Andy right now, we talked all night and we haven't done that forever, but I'm glad we did cause I talked him out of doing a lot of things last night and I told him how I felt.. ended up crying and then we just talked until 5 then he called me back at 6 and then he called me back at 6:30 talked til' 7 then I ended up falling asleep. Then he called me at 9:30 and woke me up... I think thats the most that me n him has talked in a really really long time made me feel good though. Okay, I'm off here for now! I Love You Andy your the best!!!!!!!

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