Thursday, April 06, 2006

As you turn to walk away
My tears fall down like rain
I pray to the angels, Give me one more day
Help me release my pain
I hear a voice say to me
‘Cut yourself, then you’ll see’
Another voice is my head
‘Problems go away when you’re dead’
These ideas turn over in my head
I think, Is it true
Am I better off dead?
It seems like you’ve always been gone
Though you’re still with me
I’ve been alone all along
I look to the sky and pray
God give me one more day
Please don’t let this be the end
I just want to start all over again
I feel an emptiness inside
A part of me has already died
All we had started to disappear
I say to myself, why am I still here?
What I wouldn’t give for one more kiss
Now all I have to say is this:
Live long
Die slow
Love lost
Let go
Nothing to live for
So why not die?
Pull the trigger…
Scream Good-Bye

About Me:

Name: Shandi
Age: 17 years old
Location: Lancaster, Ohio
Birthday: September 13th

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